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Hello Africa Travel provides travellers with everything they need to plan and book their next great escape in one place. From thoughtfully crafted tours and their itineraries, videos and photos, to how-to guides.

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Planning for your next big adventure can be daunting stuff. Our Travel Resources help you to plan before you get on that plane, bus or train, so you can focus on having the best time possible once you’re on the road.


Hello Africa Travel - It's Easier Than You Think

Food Experiences in Johannesburg You Might Not Know About

Johannesburg is bursting with new flavours as establishments open their doors to challenge the city’s taste buds. Foodies around the world are looking for immersive food experiences, something that extends beyond a simple sit-down, restaurant-order-from-the-menu type of affair. We so get it, which…
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The Best Hiking Trails in South Africa 2018

Thrilling heights, breathtaking scenery, challenging landscapes— South Africa’s best hiking trails have something for everyone. And there’s no better collection of trails than those that wend their way through South Africa, tracing nearly every type of terrain imaginable, from the…
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Must Attend South African Festivals 2018 – 2019

Following the festival route is a creative way to explore Africa and gives you a bit of sightseeing, some awesome one-of-a-kind souvenirs, a lot of swaying and more cultural insight than you could ever ask for. 2018 is the ideal time…
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