We help you to discover and book amazing African holidays

We know that an unforgettable trip is built on the special experiences you share with friends and family. Yet finding information on these tours, activities, accommodation and places are often difficult to find and even more hard to book online.

How Hello Africa Travel Works

Hello Africa Travel helps you with everything you need to plan and book your next African adventure.
We help travellers get the best from destinations by providing a great choice of thoughtfully crafted multi-day tour packages and activities for both travellers and locals by making them easily bookable online.
Multiday Trips
Personalized and customised multiday experiences across Africa for anyone
Expert led tours of historical neighbourhoods, architectural, and natural wonders

Travel In Africa, Made Simple

We combine the best of both worlds; travelling and leaving a positive impact. Our travel partners offer exceptional service, ensuring you receive excellent and timely support no matter where they are located.

Secure & Flexible Payments

When you book with us, you don’t just get seamless transport, amazing accommodation and expert guides - you also get our Flexibility Promise. This is our commitment to giving you complete financial security and flexibility, so you never have to worry about changing your mind or adjusting your plans.
  • Secure Payment Platform

    We use Paystack, a subsidiary of Stripe, to make payments convenient, safe, and secure.
  • Flexible Payment Options

    You can pay with a credit card or bank transfer to ensure that your bookings are always easy.
  • Pay Over Time

    Pay for your trip with our 0% interest payment plan. There’s no catch and no hidden fees.

Best Selection

Why spend a moment of your trip on the tedious bits? Hello Africa Travel trips and experiences come designed to make even the most routine elements, like a bus journey, valuable experiences.
  • Easy Trip Planning

    Whether you’re looking to invest some serious money in your next trip, or exploring your city. Booking with us creates a simple planning experience. Our screening process means that you’re only seeing the best quality of listings possible.
  • Operators who care

    Professional and accredited tour operators, guides, agents, and planners who are all about the things that make you feel welcome.
  • Wherever you go

    But it’s not just where you can go that will have you hooked; it’s how we do it. Hassle free, no hidden fees, and always with absolutely no regrets.

4 Reasons To Travel With Us

We consider it our primary mission to connect you to one-of-a-kind experiences

Local guides

A guide is your personal historian, therapist, accountant, event manager, foreign currency expert, and professional friend. Tour guides are the very definition of “going the extra mile.” Whether you have a free evening or are trying to decide between sandboarding or skydiving, your guide is there to offer unique recommendations and insights that only a local would know.

Hassle-free travel

Booking with Hello Africa Travel takes the hassle out of planning since every detail is sorted out before you even arrive in your starting city. With transportation, accommodation, most meals, and sightseeing included, there’s very little left to coordinate and plan. You’ll enjoy effortlessly moving from point A to B, without having to worry how far away the next gas station is or if you just took a wrong turn.

Plenty of free time

Any tour operator worth their weight in brochures will provide an itinerary that accommodates your individuality and free time. In fact, many tours often have full free days for travellers to discover a new destination on their own and do things that may not be included on the itinerary. You'll find unique experiences that have the perfect blend of flexibility and structure.

Budgeting made simple

No matter if you’re looking to invest some serious money in your next trip or you’re more of a backpacker, booking a tour creates a simple budgeting experience. Consult the itinerary to check the inclusions and you’ll know exactly how much that trip will cost you. Depending on the tour you can typically expect transportation, accommodation, meals and local experiences to be included in the price.

Travel With Confidence

The world of travel is changing – and constantly in flux. This has made booking future travel a risky and stressful business. You want to get away, but you don’t want to get caught out.


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Is Hello Africa Travel A Travel Agency?

Nope. We're something even better - our team is working to gather the largest, most comprehensive listing of tours and expert trip planners, from thousands of different companies across Africa.


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