Why Explore Africa

Pick Your Perfect Expert-Planned Trip with Confidence

Hundreds of local travel companies organize dream-worthy trips for all budgets and catering to every travel style.

But it’s not easy to find your perfect trip without enduring hours of frustrating and contradictory research. Even then, how do you know that you’ve really found the best trip & deal for you?

You deserve a truly memorable, stress-free experience – both during and before vacation. That’s why we made it easy to search, compare, and read reviews on thousands of trips offered by hundreds of professionals.

To make authentic, African travel more accessible.

By “authentic,” we mean trips that include sightseeing or activities beyond simply relaxing on a beach, enjoying a theme park, or hanging out on a yacht in the Camps Bay.

Don’t get us wrong — we love relaxing under a swaying palm tree as much as the next person — but these trips are easily planned using existing resources.

More and more often, though, travellers crave experiences that are more exotic, unique, and adventurous – and want some help turning those dreams into a reality.

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Hassle Free Travel

Booking a tour takes the hassle out of planning since every detail is sorted out before you even arrive in your starting city. With transportation, accommodation, most meals and sightseeing included, there’s very little left to coordinate and plan. You’ll enjoy effortlessly moving from point A to B, without having to worry how far away the next gas station is or if you just took a wrong turn.

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Budgeting made simple

No matter if you’re looking to invest some serious money in your next trip or you’re more of a backpacker, booking a tour creates a simple budgeting experience. Consult the itinerary to check the inclusions and you’ll know exactly how much that trip will cost you. Depending on the tour you can typically expect transportation, accommodation, meals and local experiences to be included in the price.

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Travel companions provided

One of a tour’s greatest strengths is that it comes with a built-in group of friends to travel with. Striking up conversations and forging bonds is easier because you’re all sharing in the same experience and considering that you all opted to take the same tour, you’ll be travelling with a diverse group of people who share your interests.

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