How To Choose Your Next Travel Destination

Planning a trip is exciting; even the boring bits like getting your vaccinations in order or skipping on your daily cappuccino to top up the travel fund.   Yet, in a world with so many amazing destinations and potential adventures, sometimes the most difficult thing can be deciding exactly where to go. If you’re ready […]

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The New Years Resolution Every Traveller Needs

New Year’s resolutions normally represent the changes that people want to make in the new or upcoming year. For some travellers their New Year’s resolutions include shifting to a new career, saving money, trying a new hobby, quitting a bad habit or losing weight.  But for most travellers, the start of a new calendar year brings […]

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What To Consider When Choosing Your Next Travel Destination

With exciting travel destinations constantly popping up in your social media feeds, it’s hard to resist that feeling of wanderlust. Africa is such a big place that sometimes it seems like an impossible task to narrow down your travel plans to just one location. So, how should you go about choosing your next destination? You […]

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