Travel Hacks, Tips and Advice: The Definitive Guide

We’ve scoured the internet and the travellers of the office to compile the most complete list of travel hacks, tips and advice that a traveller could ever desire. Prepare to transform yourself into the expert you’ve always dreamed you’d be. While we have compiled this comprehensive list, for now, we hope to keep growing it […]

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How To Stay Healthy When Travelling

Travelling does all sorts of crazy things to your body. Different weather, different water, different routine, different time zones, different foods. Throw in too much booze, too much sun, long days and long haul flights and it’s not surprising that lots of people get sick on the road. Of course, most of us don’t pack our […]

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How To Choose Your Next Travel Destination

Planning a trip is exciting; even the boring bits like getting your vaccinations in order or skipping on your daily cappuccino to top up the travel fund.   Yet, in a world with so many amazing destinations and potential adventures, sometimes the most difficult thing can be deciding exactly where to go. If you’re ready […]

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How To Keep Your Documents Safe When Travelling

Adventure or off-the-beaten-track travel, especially for those who haven’t done much travelling before, can be a little daunting. With so many unknown and new experiences in a foreign land, it’s normal to worry about the worst case scenarios and ‘what ifs’. However, for most of us, these awful things we spend time worrying about before […]

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The New Years Resolution Every Traveller Needs

New Year’s resolutions normally represent the changes that people want to make in the new or upcoming year. For some travellers their New Year’s resolutions include shifting to a new career, saving money, trying a new hobby, quitting a bad habit or losing weight.  But for most travellers, the start of a new calendar year brings […]

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