How To Convince Your Friends To Travel With You

Be convincing.  We all know that convincing our friends to take a well-needed trip is like pulling teeth, let alone organizing it. Travelling is an escape from the travails of city life into the heart of nature. There is this internal yearning among a lot of us, an unspeakable agony, to get away, to go to places […]

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What To Consider When Choosing Your Next Travel Destination

With exciting travel destinations constantly popping up in your social media feeds, it’s hard to resist that feeling of wanderlust. Africa is such a big place that sometimes it seems like an impossible task to narrow down your travel plans to just one location. So, how should you go about choosing your next destination? You […]

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Things I Wish I Knew My First Time Travelling

Remember how you felt the very first time you went travelling? All that rush and excitement of the unknown? You knew it was going to be amazing, but perhaps no idea how addictive it was going to get. The more we travel, the more we enrich our lives. From the relationships, we make with others to the […]

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What You Need To Know About Travel Insurance

Do your eyes glaze over at the mere mention of travel insurance? You’re not alone. Ours did, too, so we did some investigating. There’s no quick and easy answer to when or whether you should buy coverage. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Below, answers to a few frequently asked questions. IN SIMPLE TERMS, […]

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Myths About Travel Insurance You Need To Know

You’ve just booked a big trip, and you’re debating whether you need to put out that additional cash for travel insurance. The trip itself is costing upwards of a thousand bucks and at this point, signing up for travel insurance seems like a nail in the coffin that is your savings. Travel insurance is just […]

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