Puffback Safaris Limited is a registered tour company based in Arusha Tanzania. The company is located in Olasiti Area – Arusha, Tanzania. We pride ourselves on our knowledge about our country, its people and the nature of the environment here. A study of the events and place convinced us that Tanzania is endowed with unique places, birds, animals and plants of great interest to mankind. We were so motivated that we felt obliged to dedicate ourselves to the noble duty of enabling people of different nationalities to come and see what mother nature endowed Tanzania with at reasonable costs. We, therefore, set up Puffback Safaris Limited as an instrument for carrying out our dedication to mankind and our beautiful country Tanzania. Fulfil your safari needs with Puffback Safaris, We will make your safari enjoyable and affordable. We offer a wide variety of tours packages where you will find rich culture, well-managed wildlife reserves and beautiful beaches.

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