How to survive music festivals – your ultimate festival packing list

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As you get ready to head off into the festivals throughout this year, you’ve been making a list, checking it twice and inevitably adding a heck load more. As the ultimate list (on paper, your phone, online and offline post its…it’s a problem), we thought we would share our ultimate festival packing list that will get you through the carnage and the most outrageous field action.

Let’s start.

Sleeping Gear + Essentials

  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow (you can get inflatable or camping pillows.)
  • Roll Matt 
  • Blanket (something cheap to keep you warm around a campfire or at night – fleece is lighter to carry). 
  • Proper hiking rucksack 
  • Mini Torch 
  • ID for the over 18’s wristband…if you look 12 like I do.


  • Wellies & welly socks (no getting around this. DO NOT FORGET THESE). 
  • Pair of trainers/sneakers in case of freak dry weather.
  • Rain mac or poncho – something easy to fold up. 
  • Fanny Pack for ultimate in festival chic (!?) or for your essentials
  • Warm PJ’s. Onesies are fun, but man getting naked in a festival toilet is not.
  • Clothing – overall I am packing for a 4 night/5 day festival;
    • 2 x hoodies
    • 2 x denim shorts
    • 5 x tights/leggings
    • 6-7 x tees or vests
    • Denim shirt
    • Enough undies/socks – we are not telling you what to pack here…


  • Mini sports towel – weighs nothing but is very useful and cheap
  • Body wet wipes – these are better for a full wash than usual wet wipes
  • Hand sanitiser + packs of tissues for your fanny pack.
  • Sunscreen. Well, you never know.
  • Face wipes & cotton wool pads.
  • Deodorant and body spray. Your tent friends will love you.
  • Your choice of makeup – but keep it minimal yeah?
  • First aid kit (you may want to share with your mates) including:
    • Plasters/blister plasters
    • Savlon
    • Immodium
    • Paracetamol/Ibuprofen
    • Pro Plus
    • Mini Scissors
    • Indigestion tablets
    • Hayfever tablets
    • Any medication you usually take – don’t forget it, even though medical tents are on site

Little Extras – Not Essential

  • Camera + battery – We tend to just use our phone these days, but disposable cameras can be fun
  • A portable phone charger.
  • Glowsticks. Yes glowsticks. It’s a festival. It’s fun.
  • Communal + Group Gear
  • Tent – you only need one per group! Double up on size from the number that you are. For example, 8 berth is 4 people + their stuff.
  • Extra groundsheet. Amazingly useful.
  • Rubber mallet + spare tent pegs
  • Plastic backed picnic blanket for lounging.
  • Plastic lightweight drinking cups and shot glasses.
  • Alcohol. Enough said. See my alcohol post for detailed advice.
  • Gaffa tape for fixing tents or taping things to each other.
  • If you are in a big tent, a lantern could be great of an evening.
  • Collapsible water carrier – for the anti-dehydration plan and teeth brushing!

And finally. Do not, whatever you do, forget your ticket. This is probably this most important thing you will pack besides your pants. Have fun, and don’t forget to list your festival essentials in the comments below!


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